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Motichoor Laddoo

Motichoor Laddoo

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Traditional Indian Sweets Made with Lots of Love  

Pure Desi Ghee Preparation Motichoor Ladoo, a beloved Indian sweet, captivates with its intricate charm and delectable taste. Comprising tiny, pearl-like balls made from besan (gram flour) batter, these ladoos are a testament to culinary craftsmanship. The batter is skillfully dribbled through a special sieve into hot ghee, resulting in minuscule, golden orbs that are delicate to the touch.These tiny spheres are then infused with a sugar syrup that seeps into their core, creating a luscious sweetness. The symphony of flavors unfolds with every bite — a blend of nutty besan, fragrant cardamom, and the rich, velvety sweetness of the syrup. The texture is both tender and slightly granulated, a harmonious contrast that adds to the indulgence.Motichoor is not just a treat for the palate but a visual delight as well. Its round shape symbolizes unity and completeness, making it a favored choice for celebrations, festivals, and auspicious occasions. With its blend of taste, tradition, and artistry, Motichoor Ladoo is a confection that weaves together the cultural fabric of India in every delectable morsel.



Energy Kcal 401.00

Protein g 3.55

Carbohydrate g 55.74

Fat g 18.25

Saturated Fat g 3.00

Trans Fat g 0.66

Cholesterol mg nil

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