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Aloo Samosa 10pcs. with Sweet Chutney ..
Rs.250 Ex Tax: Rs.250
Aloo Samosa 20pcs. with Sweet Chutney   ..
Rs.400 Ex Tax: Rs.400
Set Of Basket Chaat(2 Pcs)   Matar Aloo Tikii Dahi Vada With Dahi & Chutney ..
Rs.350 Ex Tax: Rs.350
Matar Aloo Tikii Dahi Vada Masala, salt, ..
Rs.200 Ex Tax: Rs.200
Cashew's Dipped In Chocolate and sprinkle of sesame seeds 75g pack Almonds's Dipped In Chocolate an..
Rs.450 Ex Tax: Rs.450
Pyaaz Kachauri 10pcs.  Rajasthani Snacks 10pcs. ..
Rs.400 Ex Tax: Rs.400